Monday, January 3, 2011

The First Visitor

You know, I am mostly doing this for my own state of mind.  However, it tickled me pink to see some random person wander in here off the wild streets of the internet.  It really feels good to know someone, someplace, read the words that I wrote.  It's all a writer can ask for.

Thanks, Internet Wanderer.


  1. I started my blog for many reason - and I had no idea which way it would lead - now four months later I seemed to have found that "path" ... While I write as a form of therapy for myself, it is also to connect with others and meet like-minded people... and it DOES feel good when others appreciate what you have to share... so whether or not they leave a comment, or they follow the blog "anonymously" - just knowing that someone read what you wrote and that it hopefully helped or comforted them - that's what means the most!

    btw - I truly enjoy your writing style!


  2. Thanks for the encouragement - it's nice to have the first foray down a new road be met with positive vibes.

  3. I can usually tell right off the bat if I'm going to like a blog or not - and I immediately connected with yours! So glad you joined the blog community! I'm honored to the the first of what I know will be many more followers!


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