Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hi there

Hi, my name is.... well that’s not important right now.... but i have a name, and I suffer from depression.  Perhaps you do too.  Perhaps someone you know does.  Perhaps you’ve wandered in here from a random internet search and you are trying valiantly to find the door.  Whatever your personal situation,  welcome.

I’ve had The Condition for longer than I can remember.   I tried to get it fixed a few times, with various methods, and we’ll discuss those further as time goes on.  Quite frankly, I haven’t had a lot of luck with the fixing part.  At least for any length of time.  And so here I am.

I read someplace that writing about it, journal style can help.  Clearly that article was written before the word “journal” was kicked out of the english language to be replaced but it’s snazzier younger cousin “blog”.  So here we are.  Therapy through blogging.  If I can feel better by committing these words to I have accomplished my goal.  If I can have a conversation along the way and it makes someone else’s life a little bit better... well that’s definitely a bonus.  

As an aside, I've looked round for a place to hang out on the 'net and discuss, heal, commiserate, and so on, without being horribly depressed...further.... by the community at large.  I like to think no matter how bad I get, I can always find something positive about something.  We hope.

I’m not quite finished setting things up here but I felt the urge to start writing.  Kinda like the opposite of writer’s block.  Writer's flood anyone?

I’m not going to be so 1997 as to put up an “Under Construction” sign... but I’m just sayin...some colors might change now and again before we decide on something permanent.  Maybe after a little while there’ll be a little Google Ad block right over there in the corner.  Cause let’s face it, getting a five dollar check from a multibillion dollar international corporation would be kind of a kick.

So anyway, read on, comment if you are so inclined.  Better mental health to us all.


  1. Best of wishes on your new endeavor. Some words from somebody who has been blogging for a while now: Be clear what your mission is. Make it do for you exactly want you want. I read it as personal -- your own therapy, and secondarily reaching others who have similar experiences. For the first, remember to work at your own pace. For the second, there are ways to increase your readership as you develop your blog into the shape you want it to be, from announcing new posts to your friends to using specific titles and headings that people might search on.

    Enough for now. Again, best wishes on both your blog AND your recovery.

  2. Thanks for the advice, Willa, it is greatly appreciated. Your read on the blog is right on. I only hope I can succeed in both stated goals!

  3. I found your blog through Gary's 'awardee' list. :).

    And in regards to what you have said, I agree with you! When I started blogging back in August, I did so because a friend of mine once said to me, "share your thoughts and reflections with other people who may be going through the same thing as sharing your happiness increases it, and sharing your experiences and sorrows helps you deal with them better.

    So thank you!

  4. Nas, I never believed it until now. I never took comfort in knowing other people were living with this condition. Until I started writing in this space. It's done wonders. Thanks for sharing!

    Now I have to go find out about this "awardee" list you mention!


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