Sunday, January 2, 2011

What works

Here's a brief list of things that have helped me control my bouts with depression.


OK did you miss anything?  Need that list again?


Yeah, its like that.  I spent 5 years on medications that worked temporarily.  Problem was, they always wore off after a few months and then I had to put up with the side effects of medicine, while getting none of the main effects.  That didn't seem right, don't you think?

So do some medications work long term?  Or is this a case of lurching from one pill to another, making the next jump when one wears off, each time hoping the next jump will be home.... oh wait.  You get the idea.  Have there been long term successes with medications?

I could do a whole 'nother post on my 3-month experience with St. John's Wort.... so I probably will!

I did have a momentary visit with a Psychiatrist, but he wasn't all that into things like.... showing up for work on time, booking just one patient at a time, working more than 3 hours a day.  Truth be told, I think he was retired but still booked patients so he could get a paycheck.  I wouldn't mind seeing another one at some point, but lets just say that in my part of the world... that might be a lengthy wait.

Many articles I have read say that therapy and medication work best when done together.  At this point, I have neither. I have my willpower and this blog between me and the dark abyss of a Major Episode.  I think we'll be amusingly capitalizing things around here.

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