Thursday, January 6, 2011


I've discussed a technique to try and side-step an episode brought on by a Really Bad Day(tm).  Something that would make anyone moderately upset, but something that would be very likely to drive us into the pits of despair.


What happens when something really tragic happens.  A loss of a job.  A serious illness in the family.  A death of someone close.  Thankfully, none of these things are happening to me at the moment, however, I do expend time worrying about just that.  My parents aren't getting any younger, and situations like this are inevitable.  I am concerned that my mental state won't hold up under the strain that will occur.

And this time, I don't have an answer.

Distraction is a fine technique for me to dodge triggers.  I just don't know how I would get through a real traumatic event without becoming literally catatonic.  On the floor, unable to function.  In the list of things that I worry about in my life, some of which are figments of my feeble brain's imagination brought on by this condition and some of them aren't, this concern rates highly on the "it matters" scale.

Maybe...just maybe....all I can do right now is work on recovery.  That way, when something like this happens in the future, I'll be better equipped to handle it.  Because let's face it:  "What If" is a sure path to darkness.

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