Monday, January 3, 2011

Seriously? Online Therapy?

Was browsing around the web last night looking for alternative methods to combat The Condition.  A google text ad popped up that led to  

First, this isn't an ad.  I have nothing to do with these folks.  I'm not on a commission program with them either.  

I post this to ask the question:  Can this sort of thing work?  CBT (Cognitive Behavorial Therapy) can certainly be beneficial but only when you can actually access it.  This program provides an 8-week program for one low price.  One VERY low price as compared to a  comparable in-person course of counselling.

I have found that online text conversations can often be more intense, more revealing, more personal than those that take place face to face.  We more easily reveal personal feelings through typing then we do through talking.  That's certainly been my experience.  I would imagine that this would apply to many people with depression.

Once I get some readers around here perhaps you could share an opinion as to whether this would work for you or not.

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