Saturday, January 29, 2011

Humbled (seriously!)

When first I started this space such a short time ago, it was just intended to be an outlet for me to write about my feelings, my experiences with depression.  It figured if I wrote and felt better, yay for me.  If I happened to have a conversation along the way that would be a bonus.  

Certainly putting words to paper pixels has proven to be cathartic.

But then I discovered another reason this works for some people.  Yes, it starts with the therapeutic value of journaling, but it's the fellowship and the mutual support that really brings it home for me.  I have connected with some really genuinely nice and supportive people who know exactly what I am going through cause they've been there too.  What's more, these new connections have been warm, and welcoming to this community of people who write about experience with mental illness.  (I speak more of this in my last post.)

Which is why it's so humbling to have been presented with a "Stylish Blogger Award" by Gary at klahanie.

It's true - here it is:

Can you believe this?  

I realize that it's a lighthearted "award", but to receive recognition  from an established and well read blogger such as Gary, particularly since I am the Really New Kid On the Block, is a real honor.

Also, a blog is the only place anyone will ever refer to me as stylish.


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  1. My friend, it was my honour to bestow this award to your good self. You have an important message and we both embrace the ideals of eliminating the unfair stigma that still surrounds mental health issues. For, as we know, mental health concerns can happen to anyone.
    Yes there is much therapy in the written word. It can be a most vital and positive resource. Thank you for such kind words regarding me. It is very much appreciated.
    You will have my ongoing support and encouragement. Indeed, you will note the positive interaction from others in this, the great blogging community. For, we are all in this together. All different, all equal.
    In peace and respect, your way, Gary :-)


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